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Grizz Gaming Gazette: Following a promising Offseason, Grizz Gaming looks to continue Building

Grizz Gaming reporter Brendan Smart unpacks an exciting new chapter for Grizz Gaming, after last week’s Media Day
By Brendan Smart - March 7, 2023, 9:19 am - 0 comments

The Memphis Grizzlies NBA 2K League Franchise Grizz Gaming held their first in person Media Day at FedEx Forum Thursday afternoon. I’d be lying if I said the vibe around the team felt different than years past.

It wasn’t because we were all in person again, but there were productive changes made over the offseason that could lead to a very successful 2023 season for Grizz Gaming. “This is a fresh start, and we are excited to turn the page,” Grizz Gaming General Manager told Memphis media as he opened up Grizz Gaming Media Day.

One of the offseason moves that flew under the radar was moving longtime Grizz Gaming Player Mehyar Ahmed-Hassan (AuthenticAfrican) to Head Coach. For six seasons, Authentic was regard leaguewide as one of the most versatile players in the 2K League. Authentic also holds the Grizz Gaming scoring record for most points in a game at 84. “It was just a natural fit for all of us,” Grizz Gaming General Manager Lang Whitaker told the media Thursday afternoon.

When the 3v3 format was first introduced last season, Head Coach Lang Whitaker let Authentic get in on coaching. “It helped me (a year ago), having the headset on, explaining to the team what I see,” Authentic explained. During that time frame, it was all new to Authentic African, but Lang could see then what the future held for Mehyar.

Weird for a former teammate taking over as your Head Coach? Not really, according to Grizz Gaming Center Josh Mchatten (Spartxn).

“It’s really comfortable for me, (Authentic) has given me pointers on what he sees, and how I can get better.. it’s been good.”

Grizz Gaming’s Josh Mchatten (Spartxn)

A New Era in Memphis:

Spartxn spoke highly about Grizz Gaming rookies Harry Friedman (LikeCP) and Brian Linsford (Logic_Stark), “how they’ve come in, and playing already, I feel like they’ve caught up to speed, probably faster than I did as a rookie,” Spartxn explained what had impressed him thus far.

Looking at Memphis’ two other veteran guys in JRod, and ResseDaGod – this roster is versatile as it gets. Memphis brought back one of their most reliable shooters in JRod to play that power forward position. Then, they moved on from the third overall pick to secure one of the best shooting guards in the NBA 2K League in ResseDaGod.

Sources close to Grizz Gaming have told me since Reese entered camp, even with his background, has impressed the team as a whole.

3v3 Starts Wednesday night:

Grizz Gaming tips of their 2023 2K League Season Wednesday night in The Slam 3v3 Tournament action against Hornets Venom and Dux Infinitios. A 3v3 portion of the season that will take Memphis through middle of April and feature two tournaments in ‘The Slam,’ and ‘The Switch.’

The Grizz Gaming 3v3 roster hasn’t been released yet, I’d expect CP, Logic, and Spartxn to start for Memphis Wednesday night.


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