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Grizz Gaming Gazette: Learning Throughout the Journey to Success

Growth comes with the path.
By Brendan Smart - June 12, 2023, 7:30 am - 0 comments

Learning throughout the journey to success can have one seeing some very low lows, along with some crazy inconsistent highs. In the NBA 2K League, I’m referring to building a core, maxing that core group out after not winning it all, and doing it all over again.

Grizz Gaming is a feel good story heading into Stage Play of the NBA 2K League TIPOFF Tournament in Washington D.C., this upcoming week. The journey hasn’t been pretty by no means. There have been moments where the franchise peaked over it’s five seasons in Memphis, but a lot of ugly inconsistent seasons.

Seasons searching for an identity that would lead to consistent success. Two years ago, Grizz Gaming was on the stage in round one of their first ever playoff appearance in franchise history, when they melted down. A melt down that came after a game one victory back in 2020, and resulting in a demoralizing first round exit.

Two years later, several low moments later, and Grizz Gaming General Manager Lang Whitaker along with Head Coach AuthenticAfrican have this team ready for the moment. At least it felt that way Friday evening when Grizz Gaming took down Pacers Gaming in a sweep to advance to Stage Play in DC.

A rookie Point Guard at the helm, along with a seasoned veteran roster with two former 2K League Champions on the roster in Dimez and ReeseDaGod. Locking themselves in (worse case scenario) for $25,000 in winnings, with sights on $100,000 if they were to win the entire tournament in DC.

Covering the team for three and a half seasons, the structure and accountability of this roster in particular feels dramatically different to those of the past. There is a level of fun, and discipline as this 5v5 roster continues to win, that hasn’t ever been with this franchise.

See, in any sport, it takes the right group of players to entire a franchise and overcome that franchise’s short comings, along with a blend of those from the past who went through the dark days. Grizz Gaming has that blend of talent and personalities. A blend of talent that proves scary for those other three teams heading into the elite eight of the TIPOFF.

Grizz Gaming tip-off stage play Wednesday night against Warriors Gaming with the time TBD.


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