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Grizz Gaming’s Moment Has Arrived in the Switch Open Tournament

Tune in tonight as Grizz Gaming takes on DUX Infinitos for a chance to move on to the third round of the Slam Open Tournament in 3v3.
By Brendan Smart - April 3, 2024, 12:37 pm - 0 comments

Back in February it felt like a family reunion in the Grizz Gaming facility as the Grizz Gaming guys took in media day. From a feel standpoint, it felt relaxed, but everyone knew what their focus was. Zach Vandivier (ImVandi) stood at the entrance of the Grizz Gaming facility with a big smile on his face wonce we entered the facility where I finally got to meet Zach in person.

Zach was back where it all began for him 5 years prior to his exit in 2021 following Grizz Gaming’s first 2K League Playoff appearance. While Vandi was smiling, and appreciative of the opportunity to return home to Memphis, there was a level of focus that he brought back to Memphis’ locker room.

Vandivier, traded in 2021 from Grizz Gaming went on to win the Switch Open for Pacers Gaming last season. In our conversation on Media Day, there was a different level of maturity to Vandi’s answers on Media Day.

As Grizz Gaming scrimmaged for the upcoming Slam Tournament back in February, the communication, and shared belief with one another was crystal clear – this team was here to win, or it was going to be a lost season.

As I sat on the couch watching the Grizz get some scrimmages in, Grizz Gaming’s Center Spartxn joined me to watch on the big screen where we caught up. “You know we are going to be good, right? Like, in both formats,” Spartxn told me. Internally, I thought to myself, of course that’s what Spartxn is supposed to say. He’s on the team, and these are his teammates, but he wasn’t wrong one bit.

Over the last few weeks, Grizz Gaming has found their stride in 3v3 play, at the best possible time. With an opportunity to lock in their playoff spot in the Slam Tournament beginning tonight against DUX Infinitos.

Vandi has led Grizz Gaming from a scoring, and pace standpoint, but both OhDonn and IcyyThaGoat have been sensational, whom the Grizz drafted this offseason. Being there when needed, OhDonn and IcyythaGoat have shot the ball well, and Icyy has been one of the better lockdowns in the 2K League this season.

If Grizz Gaming can survive and advance tonight against a very good DUX Infinitos team, the path becomes harder as they’ll have to play one of Lakers Gaming or Pacers Gaming (Vandi’s former team).

Tune in tonight as Grizz Gaming takes on DUX Infinitos for a chance to move on to the third round of the Slam Open Tournament in 3v3.

(Photo by Michelle Farsi/NBAE via Getty Images)


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