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‘The Core Four’ Podcast: Shoes to Fill

This week’s Core Four covers the Steven Adams news, Kenneth Lofton Jr.’s contract, give their final NBA Title Contenders list, and end-of-season awards.

X’s and O’s: Steven Adams will reportedly miss the entire postseason. The guys discuss how the Grizzlies can fill the void left by the Big Kiwi. Jaren Jackson has shown growth as a rebounder and now will have to prove it on the biggest stage. Can he overcome foul trouble that limited his effectiveness from last season?

Embrace Debate: Kenneth Lofton Jr. has been signed to a new fully guaranteed contract. To make room for Junior, Kennedy Chandler had to be let go. Xavier believes Lofton has earned this contract but it could be an overreaction to the loss of Steven Adams. We didn’t see much of Chandler this season but the door could be open for a return next year.

NBA Title Contenders Ranked by the College Football Playoff Committee: The guys go over their year-end aggregate top 10 based on their voting throughout the season. The top ten list has all the legitimate contenders….and the Hawks. This week’s rankings are where the guys see the title landscape on the precipice of the postseason.

Trophy Case: Lizzo and Lovie Smith make an appearance in the regular season finale of the Trophy case. Xavier awards Kenny Lofton, Matt finds the thesis behind the Grizzlies’ and Thunder’s seasons, and Dave evaluates the Minnesota spiral

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