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The Anthony Sain Show Ep 24: Mikey Williams On The Roster, The Classic, 901 Wrestling Assault

Mikey Williams On The Roster, The Classic, 901 Wrestling Assault
By Kenny Stubblefield | August 27, 2023, 12:53 am | 0 comments

Welcome to The Anthony Sain Show Episode 24!

Show Rundown:

Segment 1: Since We Last Talked

– Mikey Williams is on the website Memphis basketball roster. What does this mean? Segment 2: Sitdown with Sain

– Memphis legend and The Souther Heritage Classic founder, Fred Jones, sits down with Sain to discuss this year’s Classic and why the Classic is so important to Memphis.

Segment 3: The Three- Pointer

– Kobe Bryant statue to be revealed outside the Lakers arena

– AAC expansion impacts Memphis

– Johnson vs Curry, G.O.A.T talks are weird

Segment 4: 901 Wrestling

– 901 Wrestling’s Bobby Ford joined Sain to discuss his matchup against Ken Dang on September 2nd, but the conversation is cut short by Ken Dang.

Segment 5: Inside the Sain Brain

– Bigger impact on the city of Memphis? The Classic or an SEC matchup with the Tigers


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