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The Core Four – Lottery Preview and Summer Goals!

On this episode of The Core Four Podcast, David and Xavier look ahead to this weekend’s NBA Draft Lottery. Memphis could use a little luck! Then we discuss some of the biggest summer storylines as we reflect on this past season.
By David Buckler - May 9, 2024, 12:53 pm - 1 comments

Check out this episode of The Core Four Podcast (@TheCore4Podcast) as David Buckler (@dlb19338) and Xavier Dotson (@ZaytimeTakes) chat about the current NBA Playoffs, preview the NBA Draft Lottery, and then look forward to the Las Vegas Summer League. 

Additional topics this week include:

  • Minnesota’s emergence in the West
  • The Grizzlies draft plan
  • The Summer League experience for veterans
  • Coach Jenkins’s future in Jeopardy?
  • Should we move Marcus Smart?
  • and much more!

We’ll be recording a new episode every other Wednesday during the NBA playoffs and off-season. Hope you’ll tune in! If you want, send us topics or questions you’d like us to discuss on the show. Thanks for being a part of The Core Four!


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